Trump calls for UNITY, urges New York to ‘PULL TOGETHER AS AMERICANS’

by Summer Lane

President Trump proclaimed an impactful call to action on Thursday afternoon in the city that he loves, New York, before a crowd of tens of thousands in Crotona Park, bringing a message of peaceful unity to the city that never sleeps.

“It doesn’t matter whether you’re black or brown or white or whatever the hell color you are, it doesn’t matter – we are ALL AMERICANS and we are going to PULL TOGETHER AS AMERICANS!” he said, drawing huge cheers and applause from the crowd.

His words were especially meaningful in the diverse neighborhood of the South Bronx, where the population is 64 percent Hispanic and 31 percent Black.

The 45th president lauded the spirit and uniqueness of New York City, stating that if someone was from New York, “It meant you had SMARTS, you had GRIT, you had ENERGY, and above all else, you had HEART.”

Trump said, “We’re going to take back our parks, not just for children, but for everybody, we’re going to renovate New York’s subway system…it will be the most beautiful transit system anywhere in the world!”

He noted that New York’s finest would be allowed to “do its job…we’re going to make it SAFE.”

“And importantly for the people that are before me today, we are going to make life in New York affordable again, it’s gotten totally out of control,” Trump added.

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