Trump campaign earns STAGGERING fundraising haul in third quarter

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Support for President Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential reelection bid has never been higher, and the Trump campaign has the fundraising data to prove it.

According to new information released by the campaign, Donald J. Trump for President 2024 raised a whopping $45.5 million in their third quarter. They also stated that they had over $37.5 million cash on hand.

“In an impressive testament to the overwhelming grassroots support behind President Trump that will lead to dominating victories, close to $36 million of the total cash on hand is designated for the primary,” the campaign stated.

By contrast, the campaign noted that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s 2024 presidential campaign “admits to only having $5 million cash on hand for the primary election,” which they lambasted as a “grave indication” that DeSantis may not make it to the starting gate at the Iowa caucuses.

As reported by RSBN, Trump’s exceptional campaign brought in $35 million throughout the second quarter of 2023, which rapidly doubled what the campaign brought in during the first quarter: $18.1 million.

Trump’s campaign added that the third quarter fundraising haul was “impressive considering the Summer months are usually when most campaigns experience lagging campaign support.”

President Trump has faced multiple legal battles throughout the late spring and summer, which has boosted grassroots energy and support for his 2024 campaign. “President Trump and his campaign have completely shattered that notion,” the campaign added, referring to most campaigns’ patterns of beleaguered summertime support.

President Trump is the clear frontrunner in the GOP primary presidential race. A recent survey from SurveyUSA of likely Republican primary and caucus voters found that he had a 56-point lead over the rest of the field, garnering 65 percent of support. The distant runner-up, Gov. Ron DeSantis, earned just nine percent.

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