Trump celebrates latest endorsement from Moms for America Action and speaks about his mom’s influence on his success

Photo: Alamy

Moms for America Action, a parental rights group, has “enthusiastically” endorsed President Donald Trump for the 2024 presidential election. 

The group announced a press release Monday.

The founder and president of Moms for America, Kimberly Fletcher, stated, “What we need most right now are leaders who will protect our nation and the United States Constitution, defend the family, and stand for truth and common sense even when it isn’t popular to do so.” 

“We need leaders who are not afraid to fight for what’s right and who will put America first. That is why Donald Trump has the complete and total endorsement of Moms for America Action!” she concluded. 

Moms for America also posted about the endorsement on X with a video clip including President Trump.

President Trump said, “Thank you all very much. It’s an honor.”

“We have a country to protect and there’s no better advocate for our country than the moms,” he continued.

Then, President Trump described his mother and her influence on his success. “I had a great mom. I had a loving mom, and without her, I don’t know…who knows what would have happened, right? But I don’t think it would have been very good.”

President Trump has been a strong advocate for parental rights, supporting school choice and Americans’ right to homeschool their children, per RSBN.

Just last month, he released a plan to fix the failing school system utilizing a 10-principle plan, per RSBN. This begins with supporting parental rights, cutting out critical race theory teachings, and expanding school choice across the nation. 

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