Trump lays out ten principles to fix the failing school system with Agenda 47

by Jason Collins

Photo: Alamy

President Trump has been vocal about his concerns regarding the failing school system. He has laid out ten principles from his Agenda 47 plan to correct this American education decline. 

Amid the introduction of Marxism and agendas like Critical Race Theory into public education, President Trump has sounded the alarm on the radical left’s policies.

The 45th president has laid out ten principles from Agenda 47 to repair the failing school system. In his speech outlining the plan, he expressed his disappointment in the system. He said, “The United States spends more on education than any other country in the world, and yet we get the worst outcomes. We’re at the bottom of every list.” 

Here’s how President Trump will save American education. 

The first principle President Trump brought up was respect for the rights of parents to control their children’s own education, especially when it is related to religion or gender. The second principle is to empower parents and school boards to reward and hire great teachers while firing teachers and principals who are not performing. 

President Trump’s third principle will see schools focusing on teaching children skills that will be useful in life and the workplace rather than political indoctrination from “radical left maniacs.” This will include cutting funding to Critical Race Theory (CRT) and instead focusing on basic reading, writing and mathematics skills. Children will be taught to love the country, prayers will be reintroduced into schools and schools in general will be made safer. 

The seventh principle includes a new policy called School Choice. President Trump explains, “We will give all parents the right to choose another school for their children.” Offering more freedom to parents when it comes to controlling their child’s education. 

Agenda 47 will also implement more project-based learning to promote important skills and “train them for meaningful work outside the classroom.”

The success of future generations is important to the Trump Administration, which is why the ninth principle will seek to provide students with access to internships and work experience. President Trump explains his hope with the plan by simply stating, “I want them to be more successful than Trump. I will be the happiest person in the world!” 

The final principle will ensure that schools provide excellent career counseling to ensure students get jobs and careers best suited to their talents.

President Trump’s plan will ultimately end “indoctrinating young people with inappropriate racial, sexual and political materials.”     

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