Trump decries unfair judge appointment in Clinton lawsuit: ‘This shit could only happen to me’

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump pointed out the questionable appointment of a Clinton-appointed judge in his lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and the Democrat National Committee regarding their allegations of Russian collusion on Saturday.

During remarks made at an exciting Save America rally in Commerce, Georgia, Trump decried the injustice of the Clinton-appointed judge in his case. “We filed this great case,” he said. “We’ve got a judge that was appointed by Bill and Hillary Clinton…this shit can only happen to me.”

Trump also called Georgians to action, urging them to vote for strong, Trump-endorsed candidates in the Georgia midterm races this spring. “Get the hell out to vote,” he said. “These people [Democrats] are vicious, they’re evil, they’re against us, and they’re against this country. And we cannot let them get away with it.”

President Trump additionally cited the double standard in the justice system, where it seems as if radical progressives get away with crimes while conservative, blue-collar working families are stuck footing the bill for their chaos – from burning and looting cities to dismantling police departments.

“Democrats have weaponized the criminal justice system against their political opponents,” he said. “They can commit all kinds of violent crimes – they can kill people, and nothing happens to them.”

However, Trump offered encouragement and inspiration to the crowd, cracking jokes and telling his supporters, “We first have to defeat the RINO sellouts and losers…right here in your state!”

Trump’s remarks were fiery, and it was clear that he was ready to fight with the people of Georgia and work to help good, strong GOP candidates retake control of the Peach State.

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