Trump delivers masterclass interview in sit-down conversation with Megyn Kelly

by Summer Lane

Despite legal and political attacks from all sides, President Donald Trump sat down for a long and insightful conversation with journalist Megyn Kelly for an episode of her podcast, “The Megyn Kelly Show,” last week.

The interview, which was taped in Bedminster, New Jersey, at Trump’s golf course, was over one hour long and hit on a variety of topics, ranging from Covid, Operation Warp Speed, transgender ideology, immigration, and the Presidential Records Act.

Kelly, who formerly worked for Fox News and moderated a Republican presidential primary debate that Trump participated in during his first presidential run in 2016, asked him what he thought of House Republicans’ impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden.

“Look, he’s a horrible president, our country is going to hell, whether it’s impeachment or not impeachment, this man is destroying our country,” he said.

The president also answered some tough questions on Covid, when Kelly asked him if he wanted a “do-over” with the shutdowns, mask mandates, and whether he would fire former Chief White House Medical Advisor Anthony Fauci.

Trump reminded Kelly that he allowed state governors to decide whether their states would remain open. He noted that “a lot of states were not closed,” while many Democrat states chose to shut down.

He additionally explained that when it came to Operation Warp Speed, the fast-track Covid vaccine development initiative that he implemented in 2020, the science and the information on the “China Virus” was unclear at that time.

He stated, “When this [virus] came in, nobody knew what the hell it was…it sounded like an ancient pandemic…we got word that bad things were happening in China, right around the Wuhan clinic…it came out of the Wuhan clinic…what we did was brand new.”

The president also strongly reiterated that he was against vaccine mandates. “…People have to make up their own minds,” he said.

On the hot-button cultural topic of transgenderism, Trump said he was “SO against” treating children with puberty blockers in gender-affirming treatment. Kelly also asked him if a man could become a woman.

Trump chuckled and said, “In my opinion, you have a man, you have a woman…I’ll continue my stance on that.”

The president also defended his right to declassify documents as president, discussing the Presidential Records Act. He additionally assured viewers that he believed that the voter turnout would be “in numbers like they’ve never seen before.”

On the subject of his mounting indictments and the potential jail time he could face if convicted on any charges, Trump said, “I have a great attitude, it doesn’t affect me at all…I’m fighting for the country, I’m fighting for the people.”

He added, “The people know it’s all FAKE.”

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