Trump digs in on revitalizing American education: ‘We will have GREAT schools that lead to GREAT jobs’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Trump hammered home his forward-thinking policy platform in relation to revitalizing American education on Friday evening, promising to wage war against the “toxic poison of gender ideology” and demolish the current U.S. Department of Education.

“We will have great schools that lead to great jobs, that ultimately lead to great lives,” he pledged.

His remarks were delivered in Washington, D.C., at the CWALAC’s Leadership Summit finale dinner, an advocacy arm of Concerned Women for America.

The president vowed that he would not give “one penny” to a school that has a mask mandate or a vaccine mandate, and additionally promised to “close the federal Department of Education.”

“…We will move everything back to the states where they can individualize education and do it with LOVE for our children,” he said.

He added that his administration would “reassert that in the beginning, God created TWO genders – is that okay to say?”

President Trump further promised to go after California’s radical new legislation as it related to gender ideology the state, vowing, “I will challenge California’s depraved new laws.” He may have been referring to AB-957, which requires parents to “affirm” the gender transition of any child or face losing custody, according to the Associated Press.

He called the mutilation of children in terms of gender transition, particularly when they are taken across state lines, as nothing more than “sex trafficking.”

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