Trump doubles down on opposition to vaccine mandates in Candace Owens interview

by Timothy Frudd

President Trump emphasized his clear opposition to vaccine mandates in an interview with Candace Owens on Tuesday.

In an exclusive interview on the Daily Wire, Owens asked Trump many questions about the issue of Covid-19 vaccines and government mandates. His answers reaffirm his commitment to personal choice and individual freedom, sharply contrasting with Biden’s tyrannical mandates.

When asked about Covid-19, Trump said, “I’m so proud of what we did with the vaccine but it shouldn’t be mandated.”

The 45th president, who has consistently advocated for the effectiveness of the vaccines, stated, “I’m a big fan of the vaccine.” During the pandemic, the Trump administration developed multiple coronavirus vaccines with Operation Warp Speed. Speaking of this, Trump told Owens, “That’s a great achievement.” He added, “Millions and millions of lives I saved.”

However, while Trump supports the Covid-19 vaccines, he does not support any Covid-19 vaccine mandates. Trump stated, “I totally respect somebody saying we don’t want to take it.” He explained, “Some people don’t agree with it and some people have religious problems and they have a lot of other things.”

During the interview, Owens equated the Biden administration’s vaccine mandates to a business forcing people to buy their products. Trump added, “This isn’t just a product, it’s a product that’s going into your system.”

While Trump has encouraged Americans to get vaccinated, he has consistently respected Americans’ freedom of choice, regardless of their reasoning.

Trump also stated, “The mandate’s bad for a lot of different reasons.”

Trump also discussed the natural immunity of those who have already had Covid-19, saying, “People that had it, that aren’t gonna catch it a second time, you know it’s a very strong form of immunity.” While there have been cases involving people battling Covid-19 more than once, the science seems to indicate that recovering from Covid-19 provides a strong form of immunity.

On the issue of the economy, Trump said, “The mandates are killing our economy.”

The 45th president continued, “The numbers are terrible because a lot of people can’t go to work.” Trump’s comments refer to the countless Americans being forced to quit their jobs due to harsh vaccine mandates. He explained that many Americans are not able to go to work, “Because people won’t take them because of the mandate.”

Trump’s interview with Candace Owens provides an encouraging alternative to the tyrannical actions and harsh rhetoric of the Biden administration surrounding the Covid-19 vaccine. Perhaps the Biden administration would be more successful in their goal of getting Americans vaccinated if they took Trump’s approach. However, as the Biden administration continues to force Americans to get vaccinated, it is unlikely that they will respect Americans’ freedom of choice.

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