Trump elevates the power of American oil as Biden drives a stake through the heart of US energy production

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Trump on Thursday touted the “liquid gold” that is right under the feet of Americans today in the form of oil, telling eager Texans in Houston that if he gets back into office, he’ll “DRILL BABY DRILL.”

His speech at Trendsetter Engineering Inc., focused heavily on the importance of becoming energy independent and energy dominant in America, contrasting the feckless weakness of the Biden administration against his own bold energy policies.

He joked, “Elect Trump and don’t worry about it!”

The president explained that there was enough “liquid gold” in America to make the United States energy-dominant if the right policies were in place. He added that if Biden gets his way and continues whittling down the country’s energy and manufacturing in favor of Green New Deal “bull****,” “the United States will be reduced to an impoverished, third world…[with] people literally begging our enemies for mercy.”

“We will reclaim America’s destiny as the greatest energy superpower on the face of the Earth,” he added.

Trump highlighted the success of his administration in terms of energy policies. He remarked, “Our energy policy was MAXIMUM production, MAXIMUM PROSPERITY…also MAXIMUM POWER. Not the kind of power you’re thinking about, I’m talking about tremendous POLITICAL power.”

He also slammed the concept of making Army tanks and fighter jets go “all electric” in the name of environmentalism. He promised to cancel Joe Biden’s electric vehicle mandate on the first day of his prospective 2025 administration.

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