Trump-endorsed candidates SURGE in Arizona as primary approaches

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Republican candidates across multiple midterm election races are surging in the polls ahead of Arizona’s August primary. Trump-endorsed hopefuls are rocketing to the front of the competitive pack.

For example, GOP U.S. Senate candidate Blake Masters has rapidly become the frontrunner in his race, edging out opponents Jim Lamon and Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich.

According to a poll conducted by OH Predictive Insights, Brnovich was the frontrunner up until July, when Trump-endorsed Blake Masters took the lead, snagging 25 percent of the vote.

Chief of Research at OH Predictive Insights, Mark Noble, commented, “Trump’s endorsement appears to be the genesis of this new-found momentum.”

Additionally, the Trump-endorsed candidate for reelection in Arizona’s seventh legislative district, State Sen. Wendy Rogers, R-Ariz., is also postured to seize victory ahead of the July primary. Based on a new IVR poll, Rogers is leading with 48.2 percent of the vote among Republicans and “likely” Independent voters.

“Of the people who said they will vote in the primary,” Rogers shared on Twitter, “here are the results. Also we are seeing a major trend of decideds breaking toward yours truly. I love you all.”

Most impressively, Trump’s pick for Arizona governor, Kari Lake, has experienced wild popularity among potential Republican voters. Lake has approached politics unflinchingly. She has taken strong, America First stances on issues like immigration, Covid policies, and family values.

According to a 2022 GOP primary poll for Arizona’s governor’s race, conducted through OH Predictive, Kari Lake is projected to net 40 percent of the vote, edging out Republican opponent Karrin Taylor Robson, who polled at 35 percent.

Trump also endorsed Abraham Hamadeh for attorney general in June, distinguishing him amid a field of six contenders for the office. Hamadeh has vowed to examine allegations of election fraud and irregularities associated with the 2020 presidential election.

On President Trump’s endorsement, Hamadeh told RSBN, “It’s an honor of my lifetime when he called me…now I’m instantly the front runner, I’m the target, they’re gonna start coming after me.”

Trump’s endorsement remains the gold standard of Republican politics. The 45th president noted in July that he had netted a 33-0 record in Texas and an overall record of 132-7 for the midterm elections so far.

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