Prosecutors want PRISON TIME for Arizona woman guilty of ballot harvesting in 2020

by Summer Lane

Photo: Adobe Stock

Prosecutors in Arizona are seeking prison time for Guillermina Fuentes, a former school board member in Yuma who previously pleaded guilty to one charge of ballot abuse, according to a report from the Associated Press.

The outlet reported this week that prosecutors are seeking a one-year prison sentence for Fuentes.

Fuentes was a Gadsden Elementary School District Board member and the former mayor of San Luis. Fuentes was indicted alongside another woman, Alma Juarez, who also pleaded guilty to one charge of ballot abuse.

RSBN previously reported that Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich had announced that Fuentes had been indicted on charges of conspiracy, forgery, and ballot abuse. However, Juarez accepted a plea deal while subsequently admitting that she took part in a ballot harvesting scheme with Fuentes.

Brnovich’s office previously stated in early June in an official press release that Fuentes’s move to plead guilty slapped her with a Class 6 Felony, “for her role in an August 2020 Primary Election ‘ballot harvesting’ scheme where early ballots from other voters were collected and deposited in a ballot box on primary Election Day.”

Brnovich further noted that Arizona law “only provides for a family member, household member, or caregiver of the voter to collect voted or unvoted early ballots from another person.”

The Associated Press reported that, in a Wednesday court filing, prosecutors said Fuentes “appears” to have been caught on video “running a modern-day political machine seeking to influence the outcome of the municipal election in San Luis, collecting votes through illegal methods, and then using another person to bring the last few yards into the ballot box.”

According to the Gateway Pundit, the video evidence came from a camera featured in the smash-hit documentary detailing a nationwide conspiracy of ballot trafficking, “2000 Mules.”

Kari Lake, the frontrunner GOP gubernatorial candidate in the Grand Canyon State, remarked on Twitter on Thursday, “Today is the sentencing day of Guillermina Fuentes. Ms. Fuentes was the mule captured on camera by @Gary4AZSenate at the scene of the crime. What happened in 2020 was unforgivable. Let’s hope the punishment fits the crime.”

However, Fuentes’s and Juarez’s sentencing has been delayed until September, according to the Associated Press report.

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