Trump eviscerates ‘Russiagate delirium’ and its damaging fallout in searing op-ed

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump penned a scorching op-ed for Newsweek that slammed the debunked stories of “Russian collusion” that the mainstream media and America’s federal agencies perpetuated during the 2016 presidential election and beyond.

In his op-ed, he cited the comprehensive report from John Durham that was released earlier this year, writing that it “makes clear beyond the shred of a doubt that the Russia Hoax was the most atrocious weaponization of our government in American history.”

He called the Russia narrative a “crime like no other.”

In May, Durham’s long-awaited report confirmed that preceding the launch of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation, the government “possessed no verified intelligence reflecting that Trump or the Trump campaign was involved in a conspiracy or collaborative relationship with officials of the Russian government.”

Trump wrote, “For nearly three years, they carried out a massive disinformation campaign and lawless persecution based on the monstrous lie that I was a traitor to my country. These Deep State plotters spied on my campaign. They forged false evidence to get illegal surveillance warrants and smear innocent people through leaks to the media. They offered $1 million for a fictitious dossier written by a foreign spy to try to frame me with treason. They shattered countless lives.”

The president remarked that the ongoing investigations were a “sickness” that were driven from the top town, starting with then-FBI Director James Comey. He also accused former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden of being “in on it, too.”

The president’s full op-ed

“They knew the truth, yet they put our country through hell,” Trump stated.

He continued, “As savage and cruel as the Russia Hoax was for me, my family, my staff, and so many innocent bystanders, the real victims were the American People. The destruction this hoax caused to America is almost incalculable. It subverted our democracy, it threatened our security, and it endangered our freedom.”

Trump pointed out that now, the Russian “mass hysteria” has driven Russia into the “arms of China,” leading ultimately to an escalation in tensions overseas that are contributing to the Ukrainian conflict. He blamed the “lingering fumes of Russiagate delirium” for the chaos overseas and warned that the country was careening toward “World War III.”

“Perhaps most dangerous of all, the Russia Hoax normalized the weaponization of law enforcement against the Left’s political enemies,” he concluded, noting that “these corrupted agencies” were interfering in America’s elections in 2016 and are now doing the same headed into 2024.

He ended his editorial with a call to action, writing, “There must be a reckoning. Accountability now lies in the hands of the voters. The Durham Report has made the stakes abundantly clear, and now the choice is ours: either the Deep State destroys America, or we destroy the Deep State.”

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