Trump expected to hold fundraiser for America First candidate Anna Paulina Luna

Shortly before attending a reception in Tampa, Fla., for the National Republican Congressional Committee, Anna Paulina Luna, an Air Force veteran and candidate for Florida’s 13th congressional district, revealed President Donald Trump would be hosting a fundraiser for her at Mar-a-Lago on Dec. 7.

“I am the only Pro Trump, America First candidate [in the Florida race] that passed the endorsement process. We’re excited about it; President Trump is obviously someone who has led his battle against career politicians,” Paulina Luna told RSBN.

Anna Paulina Luna, a candidate that has been publicly endorsed by Trump twice, emphasized her campaign is significant because it is one of five important seats that could be instrumental in flipping the House red in 2022.

The Pinellas County Republican is hoping to not only beat her primary opponent, Amanda Makki, but also to succeed the current seat holder, Democrat Rep. Charlie Crist, who is leaving to pursue an uphill battle against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Her campaign platform showcases a multitude of America First policies, as well.

Paulina Luna offers a unique perspective not just as a descendant of Mexican immigrants, but as an American that has proudly served this country and noticed first hand the significant reforms that can be done to improve quality of life, healthcare, and other programs including for veterans that have also served this country.

Paulina Luna told RSBN that the number one issue she will tackle, once elected to office, is immigration. “The Democrat Party has used identity politics to brainwash and hurt the Hispanic demographic,” she said. “I would pass legislation to build the wall and secure border wall construction.”

She also promised to secure legislation that defends U.S. service members’ religious beliefs and First Amendment rights by preventing dishonorable discharges over choosing not to get the Covid-19 vaccine. This is especially important as thousands of military members risk losing their benefits because of Joe Biden’s tyrannical vaccine mandates.

“I am an America First candidate, so I would promote America First legislation against the CCP [Chinese Communist Party] and Democrat Party’s legislation,” Paulina Luna said.

It appears that recent victories across multiple states in favor of Republican candidates may predict a “red wave” for midterms, with Florida being no exception as the Sunshine State recently discovered Republican voter registrations have significantly outpaced Democrat voter registrations for the first time in the state’s history.

President Trump has long supported Anna Paulina Luna’s candidacy as an America First candidate, whose conservative, populist appeal sharply contrasts from that of RINO-labeled Republican elected officials in Congress.

As an anti-establishment candidate, she hopes to reverse the increasing cynicism among the American people regarding the government’s “corrupt politicians” reputation. As a conservative, she aims to pass legislation that would lower taxes and red tape regulations for hardworking citizens, improve fair trade, empower law enforcement, strengthen infrastructure, all while defending individual liberty and medical freedom.

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