Trump flashes articles by legal experts to the media: ‘This is NOT a case’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Trump sat in court this week for the first week of a criminal trial brought against him by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. Between Thursday and Friday, the president had plenty to say about his thoughts on the legitimacy of the case.

On Thursday, he addressed the press with a large stack of articles in hand, noting, “I’m supposed to be in New Hampshire, I’m supposed to be in Georgia, I’m supposed to be in North Carolina, South Carolina…but I’ve been here all day on a trial that really is a very unfair trial.”

Trump flashed the stack of documents to the press and explained that they were all stories written by “legal experts” who have argued, “This is NOT a case.”

He pointed out stories published by the National Review, the Wall Street Journal, legal expert Jonathan Turley, and attorney and commentator Gregg Jarrett. “They say it’s unconstitutional,” he said. “These are all stories that have taken place over the last few days.”

Trump added, “They’re [Bragg and others] doing this for Joe Biden.”

On Friday, Trump headed to his last day in court for the week, departing Trump Tower with great energy despite the arduous schedule of the trial. He met with the press yet again outside the courtroom at the beginning of the day, this time eviscerating the expanded gag order that was placed on him by presiding Judge Juan Merchan.

“The gag order has to come off,” he said. “People are allowed to speak about me, and I have a gag order. Just to show you how much more unfair it is and the conflict has to end with the judge…the gag order HAS to come off, I should be allowed to speak.”

“I want to be open because we did absolutely nothing wrong,” he continued. “…They’re taking away my constitutional rights to speak.”

On Tuesday, DA Bragg filed a motion asking the judge to hold Trump in contempt of court for allegedly violating the gag order three times. He also asked the judge to threaten Trump with up to 30 days in jail for future violations.

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