Trump gives Rep. Byron Donalds ‘Complete and Total Endorsement’

by Timothy Frudd

President Trump on Monday announced his endorsement of Florida Congressman Byron Donalds, giving him a major boost in his reelection bid for the 2022 midterms.

In his endorsement, Trump said, “Byron Donalds has been a terrific advocate for the people of Florida and our Country. He is doing a great job.” Trump also said, “Byron is strong on Education, a defender of the Second Amendment, fights to protect our Border, believes that America should be Energy Independent, and is dedicated to Low Taxes and a Strong Economy.”

The 45th president’s glowing words of recommendation for Donalds will certainly help the congressman in his reelection campaign in Florida’s 19th Congressional District. In Florida, where registered Republican voters now outnumber registered Democrat voters, Trump’s endorsements are envied by Republican candidates.

As Trump continues to endorse strong Republicans for the 2022 midterms, he has consistently chosen candidates who support America First policies. Trump stated in his endorsement, “Byron is a supporter of our America First policies and knows the importance of our Great Vets and values our important Military men and women.”

Donalds responded to Trump’s official endorsement, by thanking him for his support, “Thank you, POTUS Trump, for your ENDORSEMENT and your unwavering support. Americans feel the pain of the America Last policies supported by the Biden-Harris administration and undoubtedly miss your America First agenda. I’ll always fight for the forgotten men and women of our nation.”

Donalds’ comments echo the concern of millions of Americans and Florida residents who are suffering under the failed policies of the Biden administration. Byron Donalds reelection campaign appears ready to capitalize on the unpopular policies of the Democrat Party and support the popular policies of the America First agenda.

Trump’s endorsement of Byron Donalds follows the 45th president’s Naples Winter Christmas celebration in Florida’s 19th Congressional District. Trump met with Donalds at the event, after which the congressman tweeted a photo from the event.

Byron Donalds received Trump’s endorsement in the 2020 election where he easily defeated Democrat candidate Cindy Banyai. Donalds was also one of the Congressmen who voted in objection to the 2020 election results. With Trump’s endorsement for the 2022 midterms, Donalds has an advantage over any other potential Republican candidates in his district.

According to Florida Politics, a rematch between Byron Donalds and Cindy Banyai is expected in 2022.

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