Trump gives thumbs up and smiles as he departs for Fulton County jail

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump maintained the composure of a true leader as he deplaned from Trump Force One late Thursday afternoon in Atlanta, Georgia, where he headed to the Fulton County jail to be booked and arrested in yet another indictment.

The president gave onlookers a thumbs-up and a brief smile before stepping into a vehicle in the presidential motorcade. He remarked to the press, “Thank you very much.”

Watch the video here:

President Donald Trump will be arrested and then released on Thursday. Just hours before his arrest, House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan announced a House oversight probe into the Fulton County district attorney’s office, citing “serious concerns” over a list of “weighty” federal interests at stake in the case.

Watch live coverage of President Trump’s arrest at the Fulton County jail on RSBN.

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