Trump goes to bat for American agriculture in Iowa: ‘I will cancel every Biden policy that’s brutalizing our farmers’

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump delivered remarks to a packed house of eager supporters in Davenport, Iowa on Monday evening, lauding his administration’s history of supporting American farmers at an anticipated campaign event focused on his America First Education Policy.

“We put workers first, we put farmers first, and above all, we put America first,” he said.

Trump stepped onto the stage and was greeted by electric energy. The crowd broke out into chants of “USA” as his signature entrance music, “God Bless the USA,” by Lee Greenwood played in the background.

Trump reflects on how his administration stood up to China.

Trump reminded Iowans that he repealed the “federal power grab over every ditch and every puddle on private land,” referring to the “Waters of the United States” that was supposedly aimed at protecting the “nation’s vital water resources that support health, environmental protection, agricultural activity, and economic growth,” via the EPA.

The 45th president also highlighted his administration’s work through the Department of Agriculture to cut the red tape off the processes of American farming.

“Our Department of Agriculture cut seven regulations for every NEW regulation,” he said.

Trump also pointed out that he “ended the NAFTA disaster” and replaced it with “something you like every night, the USMCA.”

The USCMA (United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement) was Trump’s substitution for the North American Free Trade Agreement. He also spotlighted the “more than 50 agreements” that he made in the White House to “boost farm exports.”

“Within hours of my inauguration I will cancel every Biden policy that’s brutalizing our farmers – every single one of them,” he vowed.

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