Trump has the faith of the American people with a majority believing he can fix the economy

by Jason Collins

Photo: Alamy

A recent poll created by the Suffolk University Sawyer Business School shows that more Americans have faith that President Trump can save the economy rather than Joe Biden.

The poll was created by Suffolk University Sawyer Business School and USA Today to find out how the American public really feels about Biden’s ability to fix the current state of the economy. An economy under the Biden administration is seeing the country’s worst inflation levels, job losses, roaring gas prices, increasing cost of living, and leading many Americans to cut back on spending just to live.

The poll was designed to find out whether people had faith in Biden’s “Bidenomics,” a plan heavily criticized by U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who called Bidenomics a bust. Participants were asked via mobile and landline phones, “Thinking about improving the economy, who do you trust more, President Joe Biden or former President Donald Trump, to improve the economy?”

The Washington Times reported that the results showed that 47 percent of Americans have faith that President Trump will be able to restore the economy. In contrast, only 36 percent of them trusted Biden. Participants were also asked whether they feel that Bidenomics is working, and only 34 percent of Americans thought that it is, and a whopping 59 percent of the participants disapproved of the plan.

USA Today and Suffolk University Sawyer Business School aren’t the only ones questioning Biden’s ability to run a country effectively. Liberal writers from news outlets like the Washington Post have expressed their feelings on Biden’s 2024 campaign. RSBN reported that there are plenty of concerns about Biden’s increased inflation levels, his age, and his behavior.

His approval numbers have not been growing, and now Biden is facing an impeachment inquiry opened by Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., this week. 

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