Trump highlights America First win: ‘we CRUSHED’ the Senate border bill

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump highlighted a massive America First win on Saturday afternoon at a “Get Out the Vote” rally in South Carolina, elevating how important it was that the controversial Senate border bill was stopped.

Trump declared, “We had another victory that every conservative should celebrate: we CRUSHED Crooked Joe Biden’s open borders bill!”

This drew big applause from the crowd gathered in a packed venue at Coastal Carolina University in Conway.

He said, “Mike Johnson did a very good job…we crushed it, we saved America from yet another horrific Biden betrayal.”

President Trump also noted that the president did not need a bill or legislation to close the border. “You don’t need a bill or a plan…just shut the border,” he explained.

Trump warned against the “virtually unlimited number of illegals” pouring over the border, and said that “what Crooked Joe is doing to our border” was a crime against the United States.

He warned that Biden would be “tried” at the “ballot box” in November 2024 for his continued negligence in securing America’s sovereignty.

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