Trump touts winning streak, urges South Carolina to give him another victory

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump arrived in South Carolina on Saturday to huge crowds at Costal Carolina University in Conway, where he delivered an energetic and rapid-fire speech at a “Get Out the Vote” rally.

The president opened his remarks by thanking Palmetto State GOP primary voters, noting that he was thrilled to “be back with thousands of hardworking, God-fearing, American patriots!”

The crowd chanted “USA” when the president took the stage inside the maxed-out venue. In fact, the attendance for the event was so huge that the president even preceded his main scheduled speech by addressing the excited overflow outside first.

Inside, he touted his winning streak in the GOP primary election so far, highlighting his historic victories in Iowa, New Hampshire, the Virgin Islands, and Nevada.

“So far, we’re breaking every record and I have a feeling we’re going to do that…again in South Carolina!” he said.

The president continued, “14 days from now each and every one of you is going to get out and vote and deliver a gigantic win in South Carolina and this November we’re going to win the White House and we’re going to TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY!”

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