Trump: ‘In many ways, we’re no longer a democracy’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Trump joined the Full Send Podcast this week and shared his thoughts on a variety of critical subjects, including Ukraine, the unification of America, and whether the U.S. was still functioning as a democracy.

“You know, in many ways, we’re no longer a democracy, when you look at what’s happening…they’ve weaponized our justice system,” he said. “They’ve done things that were unthinkable. I say we don’t have a free press – look what happened to our show, the last time we did a show.”

The Full Send Podcast is a popular show hosted by Kyle Forgeard and the online group Nelk Boys. Last year, the New York Post reported that shortly after President Trump appeared on the Full Send Podcast in 2022, YouTube removed the interview from their platform for violating their “misinformation policy.”

Trump continued that he thought the podcast had been targeted for censorship because it was a “certain point in time” and noted that Big Tech would “probably do it again.” He also joked that they would give the interview another shot, noting that it would be “even bigger” because “we’re all hotter now than we were.”

Trump’s interview with Full Send comes hot on the heels of an intense month of legal battles centered primarily in New York. In early April, Trump was arraigned by a Manhattan grand jury on 34 felony counts of “falsifying” business records. He was also deposed in New York again the following week in a civil suit brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

“After eight years of politically motivated investigations, hoaxes, scams, and witch hunts, this must make me the most honest and honorable man anywhere in the world,” he stated this week. “Nobody in history has ever been through the scrutiny that I have. We’re going to make America great again – we’re going to get rid of these lunatics.”

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