Trump reflects on effects of ‘China Virus’: ‘we would have had a unified country’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Trump reflected on the difficulties introduced in the U.S. when the Covid pandemic hit hard in 2020, telling the hosts of the Full Send Podcast that he believed he could unify the country today, despite the division that has taken root.

This week, he told host Kyle Forgeard and the Nelk Boys that he could unify the country. He shared that before the pandemic, the country was on an upward trajectory of success and unification.

“So, I tell this story, when we were really rockin’ and rollin’,” Trump shared, “before Covid came in, the China Virus came in…we were doing so well. We had the number one in history – number of jobs, to this day, we’ve never had anything like it. Everybody was doing well. African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, women, men, MIT graduates, Harvard graduates, Wharton graduates, people that didn’t go to high school – every single group was doing better than they’ve ever done.”

He added, “It was the greatest our country has ever been.”

The 45th president emphasized the importance of how American success brought people together during his first term in office.

“I’m telling you, had Covid not come in, we would have had a unified country,” he said. “I was getting calls from people that wanted to meet, wanted to talk, wanted to almost make peace, because we were doing so well – it was success. Success was bringing us together.”

Trump discussed multiple topics with the hosts of Full Send, touching on Big Tech censorship, Joe Biden’s divisive approach to leading the country, and the war in Ukraine.

He remarked, “You know, in many ways, we’re no longer a democracy, when you look at what’s happening…they’ve weaponized our justice system. They’ve done things that were unthinkable. I say we don’t have a free press – look what happened to our show, the last time we did a show.”

RSBN reported that Full Send’s 2022 interview with Trump was removed from YouTube for violating their “misinformation” policy.

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