Trump is 12-0 in Senate primary endorsements

H7XXDN Donald Trump Campaigns for President of the United States in North Carolina

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President Trump’s persuasive power as the “kingmaker” has been displayed yet again after his endorsement record reached 12-0 in Senate primary victories on Tuesday.

Since leaving the White House, Trump has been on a mission to rebrand Congress with Republicans that adhere to his America First agenda.

For example, Katie Britt defeated Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala., in a primary runoff to win the Republican Senate nomination in Alabama. Britt received Trump’s support after the 45th president withdrew his advocacy for the six-term congressman. According to Trump, he revoked his seal of approval because Brooks went “woke.” In March, Brooks compelled voters to look past the 2020 election, a move that was unpopular with constituents.

Moreover, Trump secured a significant testimony to his popularity in May when J.D. Vance emerged as the victor in Ohio’s Senate primary race.

The venture capitalist defeated six opponents, including former Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel in a contentious battle to advance to the midterm elections. Although Vance assumed his own fame through his book, Hillbilly Elegy, the author trailed in the polls until he received Trump’s backing. Vance expressed his gratitude for the endorsement, and vowed to mirror Trump as an “incredible fighter for hardworking Americans.”

Furthermore, famed football player, Herschel Walker, will face his Democrat challenger in November after winning his election to represent Georgia in the Senate.

Like his impressive running skills, the native Georgian surged to the finish line as the race was called within one hour after voting closed. Walker, a longtime friend of Trump, received a glowing endorsement last September. “Herschel will never let you down,” stated Trump.

True to the statement, Walker breezed by establishment Republican and Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black, R-Ga., with nearly 70 percent of the vote.

President Trump has not been on a ballot in almost two years, but his influence among the Republican base is undeniably compelling.

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