Trump is not backing down from 2020 election claims 

by Jason Collins

Photo: Alamy

President Trump released a video on Truth Social questioning if people really believed the coverup by Democrats that he “lost” Georgia in the 2020 elections.

This week, President Trump pleaded not guilty in the Georgia election case where he is being accused of so-called conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election results because he “lost” the state.

President Trump has been vocal about the extreme lengths that the Biden administration is going to get rid of their opponents, and the Georgia election case is an example of that. 

In his video shared on Truth Social, President Trump is not backing down from these false claims that he lost. He wrote, “Does anybody really believe I lost Georgia? I DON’T!” He also explained how the Biden administration rigged the 2020 election in Georgia.  

In his post, President Trump pointed out how he did not actually lose Georgia. He argued that his alleged loss was due to Democrat interference and election fraud in the form of the signed consent agreement. President Trump said, “Why did Georgia officials agree to sign that horrible one-sided consent agreemnt.” 

President Trump contended, “I easily won the great state of Georgia in 2016. Did a fantastic job as president for Georgia and the entire USA.”

He explained in his video how obvious it is that election fraud was at play in Georgia, a swing state.

“I got by far the most votes in history for a sitting president but shockingly lost Georgia?” he said. President Trump highlighted the strangeness of the so-called loss, saying, “All this despite winning Alabama and South Carolina in record-setting landslides.” 

The 45th president is not backing down amidst these claims and will continue to fight against the Democrats’ crooked tactics.

Now, President Trump is once again leading the polls in Georgia and believes that “Georgia is going to lead the way” in next year’s elections.    

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