Trump issues an ominous warning about the further damage ‘Crooked Joe’ could do

by Summer Lane

President Trump told NRA members on Friday night in Pennsylvania that “Crooked Joe Biden” could do a lot of damage in a second term, solemnly warning the audience of what a future with feckless Joe Biden at the helm would look like.

He issued a “warning” on Friday night in Harrisburg at the NRA Presidential Forum at the Great American Outdoor Show, stating, “If Crooked Joe gets for more years, his second term will make his first term look like paradise.”

The president addressed the catastrophic border crisis, warning, “The stampede across the border will surge to tens of millions.” He also noted that “we’re already there.”

He added that by the time Joe Biden’s term in the White House is over, 19 million people will have illegally crossed over the border and resettled in the United States. He described this massive population as “bigger than New York State.”

Trump explained, “The biggest losers in this whole invasion is African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans and all [the] unions will be out of business.”

He urged that if you care about the future of the country and your children, “you have to FIRE Crooked Joe Biden and you have to do VOTES like you’ve never seen before…we’re going to SWAMP them – they’re not going to be able to cheat their way out of that.”

“Who can get elected with high interest rates, open borders…who can get elected by this stuff?” he remarked.

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