Trump issues stern warning to weak-kneed Republicans: ‘PLAY TOUGH’

by Summer Lane

On Saturday night, President Donald Trump took a swing at weak-kneed Republicans who have historically been afraid to stand up for the truth in Washington, D.C., calling out their unwillingness to play hardball with their Democrat opponents.

He told the crowd, “The biggest complaint that I get is that the Republicans find out this information and then they do NOTHING about it – they don’t ANYTHING ABOUT IT!”

Trump delivered his remarks in Erie, Pennsylvania, at one of his signature MAGA rallies, where thousands of people gathered to see the president inside the Erie Insurance Arena.

The president’s comments were related to the ongoing investigations looking into the Biden family’s dubious foreign business dealings, which are being probed by House Republicans.

Trump continued, “The radical lunatic Democrats impeach me, indict me, they rig our elections and the Republicans don’t fight…the way they’re supposed to fight!”

He called Democrats “dirty sick players” and noted that by contrast, Republicans are “very high class.” He joked that the GOP needed be “a little bit lower class” if they wanted to play ball with the merciless radical left.

He declared, “Any Republican that doesn’t act on Democrat fraud should be immediately primaried and get out!”

This comment drew huge applause and cheers from the crowd.

“THEY HAVE TO PLAY TOUGH,” he emphasized.

He also promised to appoint a special prosecutor when he was president again who would properly investigate the alleged crimes of Joe Biden and the Biden family.

He concluded that if they were found guilty, “They will be properly prosecuted, I promise you that.”

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