Trump issues warning in dire situation of failing U.S. currency

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President Donald Trump long ago warned the American people about the serious threat of China when he was in the Oval Office, and the situation has only gotten worse since Joe Biden’s administration has taken control.

“China is trying to displace the U.S. Dollar as the NUMBER ONE CURRENCY throughout the World,” he wrote on Truth Social on Wednesday. “Unthinkable three years ago! If this happens, and under Biden’s leadership it probably will, this would be the biggest defeat for our Country in its history. We will be reduced to SECOND TIER STATUS. AMAZING. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

In the last few weeks, news broke that major countries like India, China, Russia, and Brazil will no longer be trading in U.S. currency, striking a major blow to American supremacy on the global stage.

As reported by First Post, this movement away from the U.S. financial system is rooted in an agenda that’s spearheaded by a collective of the countries listed above to push a common currency known as BRICS.

“Our currency is crashing and will soon no longer be the world’s standard…that will take us away from being even a great power,” Trump warned the nation on Tuesday night during remarks delivered at Mar-a-Lago.

Per First Post, countries like China and India have begun trading with their own currencies, the yuan and rupee, respectively, instead of the American dollar, signaling a massive decline in the strength of the U.S. financial system that has been spiraling downward since Joe Biden began his first term in office.

In late March, Trump ripped Biden for driving inflation through the roof, decrying an “economic catastrophe.” He said, “Just a few years ago, I handed Joe Biden the fastest economic recovery in recorded history. But as soon as he came into office, he quickly blew it all up.”

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