Trump keeps the audience in STITCHES during historic speech in North Star State

President Trump was in fine form on Friday evening in the North Star State when he delivered a fun and rich speech at the Minnesota GOP Annual Dinner, just hours after watching his son graduate from high school.

The president touched on a number of critical issues in his remarks, including the U.S. economy and election integrity. However, he hit a comical note in the evening when he began to joke about the effects of Bidenomics and inflation.

He removed a small “Tic Tac” mint container from his jacket pocket and said, “Look at the size of this sucker! This is called Biden Tic Tacs!”

The president remarked, “This cost more money than the other one that was, like, TEN TIMES BIGGER!” He explained that this was the result of Biden’s ongoing inflation crisis.

Trump had another fun moment when he noted that the podium on the stage was not erected in a sturdy manner.

“This is the WORST platform,” he commented. “Who put this stage up? This freaking place is falling down…I know, it keeps tilting further left, like too many other things!”

He joked that it was a “crappy contractor” who must have erected the podium and highlighted that he was known as being a “pretty tough negotiator” who “always” paid his bills.

President Trump also added that the teleprompter at the dinner was “useless” because it had fallen down when he initially took the stage to the chorus of Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA.”

“This sucker is really tenuous, I’m telling you,” he joked, speaking about the teleprompter, and once again proving that he is a president who can roll with the punches.

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