Crowd goes WILD as Trump hilariously ROASTS Joe Biden

President Trump drove the crowd wild on Friday evening in Minnesota when he roasted Joe Biden on a litany of subjects, ranging from inflation to his golf game.

The president was greeted in St. Paul at the state GOP Lincoln Reagan Dinner by huge cheers of “TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP!” He took the stage in high spirits, cracking jokes throughout the night and taking the opportunity to scorch his Democrat opponent on points of extreme weakness,

Trump said that Biden’s biggest weapon was “disinformation.” In that context, he explained, “He’s [Biden] a non-athlete…I’m a very good golfer…this guy, I don’t believe he can hit the ball 50 yards.”

President Trump noted that he himself had won 29 club championships, while Biden claims to golf a game of “6.2.” Trump remarked, “He wants to make it, like, accurate, like, in other words, like it EXISTS.”

Trump further mimed Biden, joking that the so-called “president” was a chameleon who would claim to be a trucker or a Minnesotan if he was in the right environment.

“He is SO full of shit, this guy,” he remarked.

The crowd exploded with applause and again began chanting “TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP!”

“The fake news back there, they’ll say, ‘he used foul language,’” the president continued. “…It’s sad, what’s happening, because it’s not based on anything, because he [Biden] was never a smart person.”

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