Trump lays out the top priority for the next Congress

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump called for a restoration of American safety during his Saturday night remarks at CPAC. He told the audience that the number one job for the next Congress would be to “restore public safety.”

He creamed the radical left’s “merciless crusade to dismantle law enforcement in America,” detailing violent crime that has swept the nation since he left office.

“The streets of our Democrat-run cities are drenched with the blood of innocent victims,” he shared. “Gun battles rage between bloodthirsty street gangs. Bullets tear into crowds at random, killing wonderful, beautiful little children that never even had a chance.”

He also added that in California, “carjackers lay in wait like predators hunting their prey.”

Trump additionally mocked the left for their “defund the police” movement and called on a nationwide push to hire more law enforcement officers who would be allowed to do their job. “This [crime] has to stop and it has to stop now,” he pressed.

The 45th president went on, “We are going to make America great again but we have to make America safe again first!”

He added, “It’s time for leaders who have the courage to say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done.”

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