Trump legal spokeswoman reveals Merchan’s ‘problematic’ decision to prohibit questions to the jury about involvement with the Biden administration

by Grace Saldana

Photo: Alamy

Hours after President Trump’s trial began in New York, his legal spokeswoman Alina Habba broke shocking news during a Monday afternoon segment of “The Benny Show” regarding the jury selection process.

Further cementing Merchan’s anti-Trump reputation, Habba revealed “troubling” information about how Judge Merchan, who is overseeing the “hush money” case where Trump faces 34 felony counts, allowed Trump’s legal team to question the jury about their biases.

“What was troubling in this case is that when we’re doing jury selection starting today, one of the things that the judge here, Judge Merchan, would not allow us to ask was whether or not they voted for a Republican or a Democrat, whether or not they voted for President Trump, whether or not they worked for the Biden administration,” said Habba.

Citing an example of how this has happened before in the E. Jean Carroll case against President Trump, she added, “There’s people that, when I was doing the jury selection in the Carroll case, were working currently for the Biden campaign, and I didn’t want those people sitting on a jury for President Trump.”

“You have the right to ask those questions,” Habba confirmed. “Now, this judge has eliminated many of those questions. You’re not allowed to ask who they voted for. You can ask what news they watch, but I watch CNN, and I watch Fox because I like to know what my opposition is saying. So, it doesn’t tell you what the status is.”

Trump’s legal spokeswoman pointed out that it is especially crucial to know as much information as possible about the jury’s political leanings given that President Trump is the current GOP nominee running for reelection.

“Now, when you’re sitting with a president and a current nominee for the GOP, and you can’t ask how you vote, you’re shot in the foot right there. And you’re in New York, which is a predominately blue state. So that hindrance in itself is problematic just from the get-go,” said Habba.

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