Trump SCORCHES judge with ‘TDS’: ‘they want to take away my CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to talk’

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump held a packed rally in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania on Saturday evening, where countless patriots and supporters braved cold and windy weather to hear remarks from their favorite president.

Trump spent a great deal of time speaking about the state of the world and the economy on Saturday, but he especially zeroed in at one point on the “hush money” trial that is about to start in New York next week, which is being overseen by New York Judge Juan Merchan.

Trump is currently under an expanded gag order in the case, and he has boldly called out the trial as a “Biden trial.”

The president told the crowd, “On Monday in NYC I will be forced to sit, fully gagged [in court]…they want to take away my constitutional right to talk.”

He added, “I have a crooked judge – this has never happened before by the way.”

Trump stated that Merchan suffered from “TDS.” He asked the crowd if they knew what that meant. They echoed, “TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME!”

He smirked and confirmed, “Correct – Trump Derangement Syndrome!”

The president stated that the “radical-left Democrat party seeks to do ANYTHING possible to stop me from running and winning in this election,” but pointed out that “we’re leading by SO MUCH, they don’t know what’s happening.”

He concluded, “I did NOTHING wrong.”

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