Trump lends his support to common sense border education organization ‘BORDER911’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump on Friday lent his support to an organization called “BORDER911,” a team of border security experts dedicated to educating the American public about the truth about what’s happening at America’s southern border.

The president gave a shoutout to the organization on Truth Social, writing, “Big announcement! Introducing BORDER911 — your source for LIVE coverage of our nation’s open borders. Tom Homan and a fantastic team are behind this. Let’s support their efforts and get real-time coverage like never before!”

Joe Biden’s administration has left the southern border disastrously unequipped to stop the influx of illegal immigration, prompting states like Texas to declare a state of “invasion” at the southern border in a desperate attempt to protect sovereign U.S. soil.

According to BORDER911’s website, America has lost control of its border entirely, and they accuse Biden of “systematically” dismantling the security of the border that previously existed.

Here is their stated purpose:

“BORDER911 Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization , will educate the American people about the facts of a non-secure border. They will speak from decades of law enforcement experience to include their leadership of some of this nation’s largest federal enforcement agencies that resulted in creating the most secure border in this nation’s history. They will help every American to understand that border security is paramount to this nation’s security and prosperity and regardless of opinions on illegal immigration, border security is the key to our nation’s safety and a necessary aspect of national security.”

Statistics from the site pointed out that there have been illegal crossings from more than 170 countries, as well as more than 107,000 deaths related to fentanyl poisoning in 2022 alone. Perhaps worst of all, they note that human trafficking is being facilitated at the border, highlighting the tragic fact that one single child “can be sold up to 30 times per day.”

President Trump has promised to end the “horror show at the southern border” if he is elected as president again in 2024. He has additionally vowed to take swift action to stop drug cartels and human traffickers, including using military force.

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