Trump: Michigan Republicans must ‘swamp’ Democrats in ‘colossal’ red wave

by Samantha Flom

President Donald J. Trump encouraged Michiganders to vote red Saturday at a Save America rally in Warren, Michigan, holding that the blue Democrat Party was rife with election fraudsters.

“They want no voter ID,” Trump noted before a thousands-strong crowd of supporters. “You know why they don’t want voter ID? They fight voter ID because they want to cheat.”

Urging attendees to “shatter every record” on Election Day, the president continued, “You have to defy every prediction and you have to swamp Gretchen Whitmer, the radical Democrats, with a colossal, red, Republican wave.”

Whitmer, the current governor of Michigan, is up for reelection on Nov. 8, when she will go up against Trump-endorsed Republican Tudor Dixon and her running mate, Shane Hernandez.

“Tudor Dixon MUST defeat Gretchen Whitmer in November!” Trump said in August via Truth Social. He added, “All Republicans must unite and work hard for Tudor and Shane. Also, never forget about our great attorney general candidate, Matt DePerno, and wonderful Kristina Karamo, for secretary of state!”

The president’s comments came on the heels of RSBN’s report that a former Michigan election worker had been charged with two felonies for allegedly falsifying election records and planning to utilize a computer to commit a crime during the August primary elections.

However, Trump was not the only person fed up with such antics on Saturday. One supporter echoed her desire to see Republican landslides in Michigan in November during an interview with RSBN just hours before the rally began.

“It’s a red wave now!” she declared. “We [are] about to flood downtown!”

Adding that with Democrats, the results are typically “cold and sad,” the rallygoer continued, “Let’s go [with] Republicans this time. Let’s bring a red wave to Michigan, guys – we need it.”

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