Trump mocks Biden’s rising gas prices: ‘how stupid are our leaders?’

2CHA2RH Donald Trump on the 13th tee at the Trump International Golf Links at Balmedie

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The American economy continues to struggle, and now gas prices are once again on the rise. President Donald Trump released a video to Truth Social blaming Biden for emptying American oil reserves.

He captioned his post, “Gasoline has just hit a 5 month high.”

President Trump then reminded Americans of his energy policies, which contributed to a healthy economy during his first term in office. According to Forbes, he kept gas under $3 dollars a gallon on average, but various areas of the nation saw prices much lower than that. 

As of April 26, AAA reported that the national gas average is $3.64. Last year, the Senate Republican Policy Committee revealed that gas prices increased by over 100 percent since the Biden administration gained control. 

Since Biden just announced his bid for reelection, per RSBN, gas prices are likely to be a serious topic of debate and Trump’s record is much more favorable.

Instead of relying on energy reserves, imports from other nations, and experimental forms of “green energy” like the Biden administration, President Trump worked to increase already proven American energy options by freeing “American industry and ingenuity from the constraints of Government overreach,” via the Trump White House Archives.

President Trump declared in his video, “We were energy independent!”

He described how the current administration has the U.S. “begging” other countries for oil despite having an abundance of “liquid gold” under American soil.

President Trump called this “foolish.” He then mocked Biden by stating, “ How stupid are our leaders?”

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