Trump offers economic relief against Biden’s ‘inflation, taxation, submission, and failure’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump offered a plan to bring economic relief to millions of Americans as president again in 2025, contrasting his proven record of economic success against the “catastrophic” economic woes of Joe Biden’s America.

Trump stated in an Agenda47 video, “On day one, the Biden economic bust will be replaced with the historic Trump economic boom. Any numbers you see that are economically positive in the Biden administration are because they’re running on the fumes of what we created years prior to their taking office.”

The Trump campaign additionally noted ten “key contrasts” between the Trump administration and the Biden administration. For example, they stated that under Trump, annual real family incomes increased “by more than $6,000,” while under Biden, real family incomes have fallen by $7,400.

Trump also created 2.8 million more jobs than Biden within the first 30 months of his presidency, the campaign said.

In his video, the president added, “Inflation was less than 1.9 percent. And we had gasoline down to $1.87 a gallon. And in some cases, even lower than that. Under Biden, the radical Democrat communists have piled over $10,000 of job-killing regulatory costs onto the backs of every single American household in less than three years. By contrast, under the Trump administration, we cut the cost of job-killing regulations by an amazing $11,000 per household.”

Trump said that the media has tried to “change the definition of recession to protect” Joe Biden, “but the people are getting wise to it now.”

He vowed, “America’s economic resurgence is coming soon. With tax cuts, regulatory cuts, tariffs, energy independence, and even energy dominance which we will have. We will end Bidenomics and the disastrous Biden era, the most incompetent president we’ve ever had, will soon be over. We will do it quickly. We will do it effectively, and we will make America great again.”

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