Trump Official Casey Wardynski Announces 2022 Congressional Bid

by Libby Krieger

Casey Wardynski, former President Trump’s Assistant Secretary of the Army, has pledged to carry the torch for Trump’s “America First” agenda if elected to Congress in Alabama’s 5th district.

In Wardynski’s first campaign video announcing his bid on April 29, he was described as “Trump’s conservative warrior,” who will work to “defend the unborn, protect the Second Amendment, finish the wall, and end cancel culture.”

The soon-to-be vacant seat in Congress is currently held by Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala., who is running for Alabama’s open U.S. Senate seat.

Not only is Wardynski an avid supporter of the “America First” agenda, but he told RSBN in an exclusive interview that he also has a proven record of putting it into practice.

“When President Trump appointed me as his Assistant Secretary of The Army, I went right to work for his agenda,” said the congressional hopeful. “Part of my role in the Trump Administration was to actually help build the wall.”

“Our country made great strides under President Trump, and I’m prepared to continue advancing his America-first agenda in Washington,” he told RSBN.

Prior to working in the Trump Administration, Wardynski had a 30-year career in the U.S. Army, serving around the globe in Germany, Korea, and the United States.

“I graduated from West Point where we swore an oath to defend our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Every step of the way, I fought for the country I love. In the Army we run to the fight, not away from it, and I’ll fight Biden, Pelosi, and AOC every day to do what’s right for North Alabama,” the candidate promised in a press release.

During his time as a school superintendent, Wardynski revealed that he successfully “pushed back against the radical left and won.” After experiencing first-hand “how the left tries to use the federal government and education dollars to influence our schools and what our children are taught,” he effectively “stopped critical race theory from being taught at West Point,” when he was in the Army.

Wardynski called for an “end” to detrimental policies pushed by “leftists and weak Republicans” that cripple America’s economy, freedom, and foundation. He intends to combat the idea of raising taxes, cancel culture, and the socialist movement if elected.

Making his case for why Alabamans should vote for him, Wardynski contended “We need a strong leader in Congress who will do the job they are elected to do,” which is why he will not be “voting for policies that open our borders, destroy our energy independence, created racial division, destroy middle class families, or bow down to China and Iran.”

Raising the stakes of this election is the fact that Republicans have a strong chance at winning back the House in 2022. Highlighting the importance of his race, Wardynski raised the question: “Will we have Republicans who have the backbone to get things done?”

Like Trump, Wardynski is an “outsider” of the DC establishment who believes he is the right person for the job with a reliable record of conservative action and commitment to Trump’s America First agenda.

“We have too many weak-kneed career politicians in Washington. We need something different if we want to get different results,” he remarked to RSBN.

To learn more about Wardynski’s bid for Alabama’s 5th Congressional District seat, supporters can visit

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