Trump on endorsement success and popularity of Truth Social: ‘It’s hot as a pistol’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump joined Lou Dobbs on “The Great America Show” podcast this week to discuss his endorsement record, as well as his newest successful social media venture, Truth Social.

“33 and 0 in Texas and I’m not sure I read one story about it…” Trump remarked, referring to his successful endorsement record in the Lone Star State and the legacy media blackout on his candidates’ victories.

“We had tremendous wins in Ohio and Pennsylvania – I think he’s gonna pull it out,” Trump said about his endorsed candidate of choice for Pennsylvania Senate, Dr. Mehmet Oz.

On Wednesday, Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State announced that the primary Senate race would be conducting a recount in light of the tight race between Oz and his GOP opponent, David McCormick.

Trump continued, “They [mainstream media] don’t like to talk about the victories…”  He added that he found it “hard to believe” that many people in the corporate world were as “left” as they seem, alluding to a perhaps quiet reality that many corporate talking heads are more conservative than they appear. “I know so many people in the corporate world and they’re not radical left…I think they scare them into being left.”

Trump touted the massive success of his new social media platform, Truth Social. “I think it’s hot as a pistol,” he quipped. “…I think it’s better than Twitter with all its bots and its fake accounts.”

Last week, Truth Social launched a web-based app, opening the platform up for millions of more users.

President Trump added that Truth Social allows Americans to have a voice. “We have a voice,” he said, “because they took away our voice. It’s a very dishonest media.”

The 45th president also offered a few words of encouragement to beleaguered Americans who are wearying of inflated prices on goods, gas, and the escalating conflict in Eastern Europe amid the clash between Russia and Ukraine.

“We have to put our country first,” he said.

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