Trump pokes fun at Biden’s bicycle fall: ‘I will never, ever ride a bicycle’

President Trump made lighthearted comments Saturday night at the American Freedom Tour in Memphis, Tennessee, poking fun at Joe Biden’s unfortunate fall from a bicycle in Delaware this past weekend.

“I make this pledge to you today: I will never, ever ride a bicycle,” he quipped, drawing chuckles from the crowd. 

Joe Biden took a fall during a bicycle ride with his wife, Jill, over the weekend. Bizarrely, Biden was not even riding the bike when he fell. Unfortunately, he fell off the bike after coming to a complete stop, while nearby onlookers took videos of the incident on their cellphones.

“We do hope that Biden is okay because that was a hard fall,” Trump added.

The 45th president additionally quipped that John Kerry once took a tumble off a bicycle that “took him out for a couple of months.” He joked, “I said, that’s the only way we may stop this horrible deal from happening.” 

He was referring to an accident in which then-Secretary of State John Kerry broke his leg while bicycling in the French Alps, according to BBC. Kerry was traveling to negotiate talks for Iran’s nuclear program.

“Well, we wish him [Biden] well in that respect,” Trump said. He added with a grin, drawing a contrast between Biden’s seemingly weak presidency and his own time in the White House: “When I was president, we didn’t blame Putin for every problem. We just got the job done.”

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