Trump proposes airtight plan for beating Democrats: ‘we unify and we BEAT BIDEN’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump pointed out his overwhelmingly dominant polling position ahead of next year’s 2024 presidential election this week, calling on low-performing GOP candidates to drop out of the primary race and instead unify against two common opponents: Joe Biden and the Democrat Party.

Trump stated in a video, “Great polls just out – leading by 40, 50, and even 60 points. Who expected that? I did! Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, all very strong. But also leading Biden very big. DeSanctimonious is crashing.”

As reported by RSBN, Trump is unquestionably the man to beat in the 2024 presidential primary for the Republican Party. A new poll from RMG Research found this month that the president had 60 percent of support among GOP voters nationwide, crushing Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., who fell to third place with eight percent of support in their poll.

Trump suggested, “Perhaps the party should come together. People should drop out of the race – we unify and BEAT BIDEN and the DEMOCRATS. They should be EASY to beat, because our country has never been in worse condition than it is right now.”

Gov. Ron DeSantis’s primary polling numbers have steadily declined since announcing his candidacy in late May, while President Trump has ceaselessly rocketed upward.

Likewise, Republican presidential candidate and businessman Vivek Ramaswamy has usurped DeSantis as the second-place candidate over the past few weeks, as demonstrated in the RMG Research poll, where he netted 13 percent of Republican support against DeSantis’s eight percent.

Trump’s suggestion that Republican candidates and voters rally around the MAGA ticket in 2024 echoes the sentiments of many conservatives who believe the GOP platform would be better suited to fight Joe Biden at the ballot box with a unified front.

Turning Point USA President Charlie Kirk recently explained, “They [Democrats] will outperform polling in key districts because they are investing resources to get out low-propensity voters who otherwise couldn’t be bothered. Will the GOP do the same? We simply cannot afford to waste $1.5 billion on a pointless massacre of a primary. We will not have enough left to properly invest in ballot chasing in key states—investments that must be made NOW. We must unite.”

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