Trump pummels ‘FAKE’ NYT story, derides failures of New York: ‘I will save it in 2024’

2D8067K U.S. President Donald Trump gestures while speaking to members of the media before boarding Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Wednesday, July 24, 2019. Trump will travel to West Virginia for a fundraisers before returning to the White House tonight. Credit: Alex Edelman/The Photo Access

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President Donald Trump is famously forthright, and on Thursday, he shared exactly what he thought about the New York Times’ most recent article written by Maggie Haberman, focused on the ongoing civil fraud trial in New York City.

“Writer Maggot Hagerman of the Failing New York Times wrote almost her entire FAKE story today about the Trump Hating Judge’s Gag Order (They love to silence me!), rather than the Racist Attorney General’s STAR witness chocking like a dog on the Witness Stand (Perry Mason?), and admitting that I NEVER asked him to do anything wrong,” Trump wrote on Truth Social.

Per RSBN, Trump has been resolute in denying any wrongdoing in the civil suit, which has been spearheaded by New York Attorney General Letitia James. She has accused Trump of overinflating the value of his business assets, but ex-lawyer Michael Cohen’s testimony this week seems to have thrown a wrench into the state’s case.

Cohen testified that Trump did not tell him to overvalue financial statements, which is what the president’s statement was alluding to when he wrote that Cohen had admitted that “I NEVER asked him to do anything wrong.”

On Truth Social, Trump added, “He also admitted that he lied to Congress Under Oath, AGAIN, brand new charges. THAT MEANS THEY NO LONGER HAVE A WITNESS, OR A CASE. She also failed to report that the Trump Hating Judge refuses to respect or accept the Appeals Court decision reversing him, a first!”

The NYT story written by Haberman, along with two others, painted a dramatic picture of Trump directing “ire” at Michael Cohen in the courtroom and accused the president of “disavowing people who were once close to him and find themselves in trouble.”

The 45th president explained on Thursday that Haberman should “focus her energies” on reporting on “Corrupt Prosecutors and Judges” in New York City.

He concluded, “New York is crime ridden and dying, but I will save it in 2024… It can’t come too fast!”

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