Trump RAILS against dirty D.C., calls for a return to cleanliness and basic safety

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Trump got feisty on Monday while discussing the failing infrastructure of Washington, D.C., flaming the nation’s capital for being dirty and unsafe.

“Our capital is the opposite of tippy-top – it’s a S***HOUSE,” he quipped, drawing applause and laughter from supporters in Derry, New Hampshire.

He continued, “We want it clean, we want it beautiful, we want it SAFE.”

The president derided the cracked sidewalks and “disgusting” roads in D.C., talking about how trash is left to rot on the side of the road in the city and graffiti has gotten out of control.

“Every day, people are being shot, they’re being killed, they’re being badly hurt – in good neighborhoods,” he said, speaking about the rising crime in D.C.

Trump promised that his administration would “end” the problems in D.C., and he has previously spoken about bringing D.C. under federal control to get the streets cleaned up.

The president was in fine form on Monday, cracking jokes and bantering with a high-energy audience. He spoke about the raging legal problems he has faced during his reelection bid, stating that despite the swirling lawfare, the people of America understood that it was “all BULL****.”

This prompted the crowd to chant “BULL****” repeatedly.

Later, the president jokingly reflected on Joe Biden’s past comment suggesting that he would like to take Trump aside, which Trump described as “behind the barn.”

Trump joked that if that happened, “I’d hit him right in his fake nose – there’d be plastic lying all over the floor.”

He lightly punched the air, drawing laughter and more applause from the crowd.

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