Trump has a GREAT day in New Hampshire shaking hands, kissing babies, and delivering a knockout speech

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Trump hit the high points of campaigning during a Monday appearance in the great state of New Hampshire, greeting supporters, signing autographs, and kissing a baby on the cheek in a cheery moment at the State House.

During his visit to the “Granite State,” Trump first arrived at the New Hampshire State House and filed to be on the primary ballot for the state’s upcoming primary election in February.

While the 45th president was there, he stopped by the Visitors Center and greeted the staff, pausing for a quick photo with a small baby and her mother. Watch the video here:

Inside the hallways of the State House, eager MAGA supporters lined up, clutching signs and flashing MAGA baseball caps. The president graciously took the time to shake hands with the New Hampshire voters lined up to see him, taking numerous photos with supporters as they applauded and vocalized their enthusiasm to cast their vote in the rapidly approaching primary.

After visiting the State House, Trump returned to his motorcade and continued to Derry, where he delivered a speech to a huge crowd assembled at the New England Sports Center.

The audience was unusually energetic and interactive on Monday afternoon, prompting the president to banter occasionally with supporters in the audience. One man pointed out that he was from Venezuela when the president was discussing America’s dependence on other countries for oil. Trump acknowledged his comment, as well as other occasional remarks from the audience throughout the night.

President Trump’s remarks in Derry were heavily centered on the global conflict that has engulfed the world since Biden took office, warning against an encroaching World War III and sounding the alarm on potential domestic threats because of the unsecured U.S. border.

He vowed to prevent a world war if reelected. He also promised to secure the border, impose crippling sanctions on Iran, remove radical Islamic terrorists and jihadist sympathizers from American soil, and unleash the power of domestic energy production.

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