Trump reads ‘The Snake’ poem at his Independence Day rally: ‘This is about our border’

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

While speaking to a massive crowd at his Independence Day celebration, President Trump read “The Snake” poem as he does on occasion.

He has read the Oscar Brown Jr. poem before, but this time he asked the crowd, “Have you ever heard of the snake?”

Then he pulled out a copy of the famous work and stated, “Let’s do the snake.”

President Trump noted, “This is about our border.”

He has continuously described the dangers of open border policies and read “The Snake” while the audience listened intently. 

The poem details how a woman saves a snake from the brink of death and is then bitten by it once the creature is fully revived. It is an allegory for how kindness can be used against those who do not properly accept reality and protect themselves. 

President Trump summed this up during his conclusion, stating, “How could anybody be so foolish?

He then pledged in his closing remarks, “We will make America safe again.”

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