Trump rebukes ‘thugs who cheated like criminals’ in 2020

H7WG3H Donald Trump Campaigns for President in North Carolina

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President Donald Trump released a blistering statement on Monday criticizing the Democrats for their malicious abuse of people who are concerned about election integrity.

“So, the Radical Left Democrats in Congress and the Unselect Committee continue to seek the destruction of lives of very good people,” said Trump. The “Unselect Committee,” is a reference to the Jan. 6 Committee, an anti-Trump panel led by Democrats, that harasses Trump supporters for questioning the authenticity of Biden’s victory.

Trump bashed the committee members for having “no interest in going after the criminals and thugs who cheated like mad dogs on the 2020 Presidential Election.”

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell has been a prominent challenger of the irregularities and voting processes that occurred on Nov. 3, 2020. Recently, data scientists from the Election Systems Integrity Institute released a report highlighting deeply flawed methods that were utilized in Maricopa County, Arizona to verify signatures on mail-in ballots.

Furthermore, Trump proclaimed that “all the evidence is in and conclusive,” in support of the fraudulent claims surrounding the election. According to Trump, however, the Democrats and the “Fake News Media” refuse to investigate or report on the findings.

Moreover, the “Big Lie,” is a pejorative used by the Democrats to shut down dissenting opinions that challenge the mainstream media’s coverage of the contested election.

In disagreement, Trump insisted that “they are liars” and that “they are the cheaters.” In the conclusion of the letter, Trump passionately declared that the Democrats are “destroying our country at the voting booths, the borders, the gas stations, with our military, our Vets, foreign relations, and everywhere else!”

Investigations into the 2020 election are ongoing, but many are anticipating the 45th president to announce his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election after his speech at a rally in Georgia on Saturday.

“The truth is, I ran twice, I won twice, and I did much better the second time. And now, we just may have to do it again,” said Trump. Showing their support, the thousands in attendance erupted into cheers and “USA” chants.

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