Trump reveals Pennsylvania rally shattered venue’s attendance record

by Samantha Flom

Pennsylvanians turned out in droves Saturday for the Save America rally in Wilkes-Barre, breaking the previous attendance record for the Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza, according to the 45th president.

Sharing the news Wednesday via Truth Social, Trump wrote: “Wow! Really big T.V. & Streaming Ratings at the Rally last Saturday night in Pennsylvania. The overflow crowd was amazing! Thousands of people not able to get into the Arena. New Arena attendance record set.”

Per the venue’s website, the Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza has 8,000 permanent seats and can accommodate up to 10,000 people. According to Eyewitness News, however, the president’s event maxed out the space within the arena and its parking lot.

Comparing the crowd size to the relatively sparse attendance at Joe Biden’s events over the weekend, Trump continued: “Biden had almost no crowd, but the Fake News never says that, or never shows an overlay comparison. MAGA has NEVER been stronger! Very cool & professional coverage by Newsmax, especially the two hours of pre-speech. Rumble, as always, was great! Next Rally in Ohio in 9 days, Saturday Night.”

Although left-wing media may not have covered the obvious disparity in crowd size, those on social media did not hesitate to point it out, with one video comparing the attendance at the two rivals’ events going viral on Twitter.

In another tweet, Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., noted: “300 guests at Biden’s speech. In other words, his biggest crowd of the year.”

Crowd size was a sore spot for Democrats during the 2020 presidential election cycle, with Biden’s events sometimes drawing just a handful of attendees. 

For Trump, however, record-breaking crowds are nothing new, as his recent rallies in Anchorage, Alaska, and Casper, Wyoming, achieved the same feat.

With the general election season heating up, Trump supporters can undoubtedly expect more opportunities to show their support for the president and his agenda as he continues to crisscross the country stumping for America First candidates.

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