Trump revives Covid nickname ‘China Virus’

by Summer Lane

On Sunday night, President Donald Trump threw a few punches at the Biden administration’s weak handling of the coronavirus pandemic during a Save America rally in Greenwood, Nebraska.

“…It’s the China Virus, whether we like it or not,” he told the crowd. “I was also right about Wuhan [the Wuhan lab]….I was right about everything.”

President Trump referred to the coronavirus as the “China Virus” during his time in the White House, referring to the Wuhan lab in China where some believe it originated.

At the time, critics bashed the 45th president for referring to it as the “China” virus. However, Trump revived the nickname during his rally on Sunday, drawing cheers and chuckles from the crowd.

“On Covid, we had tremendous success,” Trump said. “I rejected mandates, I rejected unscientific lockdowns…and I fought to get our children back into schools.” He added, “[The Democrats are] the party of disinformation…almost everything they say is false.”

President Trump further noted that the Biden administration “imposed horrific mandates, punishing lockdowns, and radical mask regulations.”

Previously, Trump has stated that he was proud to have been the “anti-mandate president.” In Greenwood this weekend, he handily reminded his supporters that he still is.

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