Trump says he will demand a DRUG TEST for Joe Biden before presidential debate

President Trump announced on Friday evening that he would be making a singular but important request to Joe Biden before the start of the first presidential debate in June: “I’m going to demand a DRUG TEST, too, by the way!”

Amidst cheers and applause from the audience, he added, “No, I am! I REALLY AM!”

The president’s remarks were made in Minnesota at the state GOP Lincoln Reagan Dinner, where he not only delivered a speech on the economy and immigration but spent a fair amount of time poking fun at his political opponent.

He highlighted the upcoming 2024 presidential debates, which Joe Biden has finally agreed to. “I don’t want him coming in like the State of the Union – he was high as a kite!” Trump noted.

“By the end of the evening…he was exhausted,” the president observed.

He also poked fun at CNN, who will be hosting the first presidential debate, calling out Jake Tapper – a named moderator – as “Fake” Tapper.

“Oops. I shouldn’t say that – I’m doing a debate for them,” he joked.

Earlier in the evening, Trump joked that Biden would “jacked up” for the presidential debate and slammed the Democrat for being unable to walk, talk, or string “two sentences together.”

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