Trump says it is an ‘honor’ to protect the country from ‘evil and demonic forces that want to destroy this country’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump laid it out on Friday night, telling a crowd of conservative Christians in Washington, D.C., that it was his “honor” to protect the country from the “sinister opposition” that wants to raze American dignity and might to the ground.

The 45th president delivered remarks at the “Pray, Vote, Stand Summit” in the nation’s capital, capping off a long night of speaking to conservative supporters.

He noted that there were “evil and demonic forces that want to destroy this country,” adding that protecting the country as president was “not easy.”

“I have to tell you – it’s not easy, but it’s something that’s such an honor to be doing,” he explained.

The president also heralded the “Biblical” traditions that the United States is so deeply rooted in, pointing out that a very “sinister opposition” was working to tear down “every institution and law” to attempt to stop the people from “removing them from power forever.”

“We have to finish what we started,” he continued, drawing huge cheers and applause from the crowd.

The president preceded his speaking engagement at the “Pray, Vote, Stand Summit” with a speech earlier in the evening at the CWALAC’s Leadership Summit finale dinner, which is associated with Concerned Women for America.

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