Trump says Joe Biden is having the ‘worst presidency in history’

by Ryan Meilstrup

President Trump had strong words for Joe Biden who has been at the helm of the “worst presidency in history,” Trump said during an interview.

The 45th president made the remarks during a Saturday night interview with “Justice with Judge Jeanine” on Fox News.

Trump was asked to grade the Biden presidency, and as expected, he didn’t give the current administration high marks. “I think you have to say an F, and not an F+. It would be an F,” Trump said.

According to the 45th president, Biden has had a “failed administration” – a “disaster” that he has “never seen anything like.”

And Trump has ample evidence to buttress his claims.

In just 10 months in office, Biden has presided over a resurgence in the pandemic, a poor economy plagued by inflation, the fall of Afghanistan and the abandonment of Americans, skyrocketing energy costs— thanks in part to his banning of pipelines and drilling— and a massive surge of illegal immigrants at the southern border.

On foreign policy, North Korea has launched a ballistic missile test—no doubt trying to test the medal of the new president. China has felt emboldened to make overtures to the Taliban as well as continuing to increase its stranglehold over Hong Kong at the same time it continues to threaten Taiwan, with no discernable push back from the Biden administration.

Domestically, Biden campaigned on “shutting down the virus,” not the economy. After subsiding during the spring, the Delta variant caused a resurgence of the pandemic, despite Biden’s claim that the vaccines and masks would end it.

Biden is now pushing the U.S. Constitution beyond its limits by mandating that all employers with more than 100 employees be vaccinated.

On the economic front, inflation is rising on many goods that hit Americans in their pocketbooks. Inflation is much higher than it was just 10 months ago.

And Americans are taking note of Biden’s job performance.

Biden’s poll numbers have cratered to 42% in the latest Real Clear Politics polling average.

The “worst president ever” continues to sink in popularity with Americans month over month, with no end in sight.

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